• Rehm Welding Machine Booster.Pro 170
Booster.Pro 170 description:
The uncomplicated operation using a rotary knob for welding current setting and a push button for the functions of TIG and manual Stick electrode (MMA) welding is new. The active function is indicated by an LED.
The INTIG (Intelligent Ignition Energy) selects the correct striking current automatically when electrode welding.
Soft and precise arc striking is ensured by the Lift-Arc ignition.
The REHM ELSA System (Electronic Stabilised System) prevents weld drop-outs and fluctuations even with input power cables as long as 100m (1,5 sq.mm).
The Arc-Force and Anti-Stick functions prevent accidental sticking and overheating of the electrode.
A temperature controlled fan switch automatically optimises the cooling power and reduces noise emissions and power consumption.
Suitable for use with a generator.
Powerful electrode welding in the Booster function, welding of Aluminium electrodes and multi-component Bronzes with the Arc-Force function.
Comfortable TIG welding in DC operation through the gas management function and the 4 step (latch-on/latch-off) function. (BOOSTER.PRO 170 with Gas management option).

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Rehm Welding Machine Booster.Pro 170