• T-PUT Welding Rod Thermanit Nicro 182
Thermanit Nicro 182 description: Stainless; resistant to scaling up to 950 °C (1742 °F), high temperature resistant up to 800 °C (1472 °F). Cold toughness at subzero temperatures as low as –196 °C (–321 °F). Well suited for austenitic ferritic joints. No Cr carbide zones that become brittle in the ferrite weld deposit transition zone even not as a result of heat treatments above
300 °C (572 °F). Well suited for tough joints and surfacing on heat resistant Cr- and CrNi steels/cast steel grades and Ni-base
alloys. Temperature limits: 500 °C (932 °F) in sulphureous atmospheres, 800 °C (1472 °F) max. for fully stressed welds. For welding work on cryogenic steels/cast steel grades including Ni steels suitable for quenching and tempering. For joining applications on steels with a low expansion coefficient (Dilavar, Invar).

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T-PUT Welding Rod Thermanit Nicro 182