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Oerlikon Ampcotrode G10 description: AMPCOTRODE G10 aluminum bronze will weld and join many ferrous and nonferrous metals and combinations of dissimilar metals. These metals include the more weldable grades of cast iron, high and low carbon steels, copper,
bronzes and copper-nickel alloys. Applications for AMPCOTRODE G10 include: building up bearing surfaces, joining and fabricating copper alloys, overlaying for resistance to corrosion and erosion and general maintenance and repair welding. Typical applications: cast iron, cast iron to steel, steel to bronze, silicon bronze, cupro-nickel, copper to steel, bushings, condenser boxes, brake drums, idler pulleys, paper mill rolls, tin plate mill rolls, valve seats, mixer arms, ship propellers, malleable iron, cast iron to bronze, aluminum bronze, manganese bronze, tool steel, bearings, pump housings, hydraulic pistons, tractor gear housings, pickling hooks, motor bases, impellers, gears, press rams, lance heads.

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