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KC-80SB2 description:
Typical applications
1.25%Cr-0.5 Mo Heat Resistant steels
Characteristics on Usage:
① Wide mixing range can be used, but generally 98%Ar+2%O2 is recommended for KC-80SB2
② Excellent mechanical and toughness properties after PWHT
③ It is suitable to use shielding gas of 20 to 25ℓ/min.
④ Distance between a base plate and contact tip must be kept at around 6~15mm with current less than 250A, and around 15 ~ 25mm with current over than 250A.
⑤ Wind screen must be set at the welding in the place with strong wind
⑥ Preheat at 100℃ to 200℃ and post weld heat treatment at 620℃ to 720℃ is necessary according to the plate thickness, type of steels, shape of base metals or under high restriction.

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