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Bohler Alform 700-MC description: The alform 700-MC metal cored wire is developed for shielded arc welding of thermo mechanically produced fine grained structural steels. A high sophisticated metallurgy combined with a very precise production technology results in high strength combined with very good toughness behaviour. This tubular wire possesses higher rigidity – as a result it offers exact ignition and excellent feeding characteristic. Due to the technology metal cored wire ensures low diffusible hydrogen content of <3 ml/100g. This metal cored wire is designed for welding under mixture gas (Ar+CO2) in PA and PB-position. Good results were also achieved after using alternative gases CO2, 8-10% CO2 + Ar and different welding positions (PG). This filler material is used for high strength steel constructions, crane and vehicle manufacturing, for ship building, offshore applications and also for penstocks.

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