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Bohler FOX CN 13/4 description: Basic electrode, low-hydrogen, suited for similar soft martensitic and martensitic-ferritic rolled, forged, and cast steels. Mainly used in the construction of hydro turbines, compressors. Resistant to corrosion from water, steam, and sea water atmosphere. Thanks to an optimum balance of alloying components the weld deposit yields very good ductility and toughness & cracking resistance despite of its high strength. Excellent operating characteristics, easy slag removal smooth bead appearance and low hydrogen weld metal (HD 5 ml/100 g). Metal recovery approx. 130%. Positional weldability is offered up to 3.2 mm electrodes. BÖHLER FOX CN 13/4 as well as the GTAW-rod BÖHLER CN 13/4-IG and the analogous GMAW wire are very popular in the construction of hydro turbines.

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